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Portfolio Summary

ManagerVSOEProject UtilizationRealized RatePM ForecastAchievedBurn %Backlog / TrendRed / AmberFinance QueryScore
APS North America71.84%58.37%$148.23$7,341,78430.01%74.78%$17,610,243 / 73.30%2 / 121571.43%
APS Europe\Africa90.71%71.86%$206.38$2,761,83930.34%60.20%$5,777,628 / 86.63%0 / 420.00%
APS Asia Pacific87.97%81.52%$82.34$1,070,2365.70%77.25%$2,226,986 / 70.97%0 / 480.00%
APS Latin America70.34%47.84%$106.80$804,76216.53%72.13%$1,567,347 / 74.77%0 / 390.00%
Total75.49%62.13%$148.88$11,978,62127.00%70.21%$27,182,204 / 75.66%2 / 233471.43%

PM Forecast Details

NAME PA# Customer Actual % Forecast % Raft % Realized Rate First Week Last Week This Week Total Labor Funding Revenue Taken by Finance Expanded Labor Funding Remaining Labor Funding Revenue Delta

Project Forecast Summary

ManagerNo Variance CountPositive Variance CountPositive Variance SumNegative Variance CountNegative Variance Sum
Professional Services141431$298,2029($99,275)


0 In Quarter Forecast: All "In Quarter Forecast" for current Quarter. $8,816,846 25 %
1Backlog: Backlog available on phase 0 projects forecasted in the future.$15,676,48044 %
2Backlog: New Project, less than 30 days old since booking without an in quarter forecast.$1,935,4305 %
3Backlog: New Project, marked as "Wins" in SFDC, not yet booked.$808,6482 %
4Backlog: Delayed Project, previous revenue and a future quarter forecast$739,7542 %
5Backlog: Parked Project, previous revenue but no in quarter or future forecast$4,105,42511 %
6Backlog: No Activity, no previous revenue, no current forecast.$3,495,81110 %
7Backlog: "De-Booking" unforecasted reason code selected.$398,5871 %
Total $35,980,084