Gemini Changes Interest Yield For GUSD In Earn:

Last Updated on April 2, 2022

The new interest rates for Gemini Earn assets lent to Genesis are:
GUSD: 6.9% APY

The previous interest rates were:
GUSD: 8.05% APY

All other rates for the assets you have in Gemini Earn are unchanged. You can see all our rates at and in the Earn tab of your Gemini app. As a reminder, your interest compounds daily and your interest accrued can be viewed in your Earn balance.

Why did the interest rates change? Since Gemini Earn is a lending program, it is subject to the same market forces of supply and demand that affect every lending market. Gemini and its partners in Gemini Earn monitor market dynamics and adjust rates as needed.

*APYs are rounded to two digits after the decimal point based on daily compounding. The daily simple rate is available for viewing in your monthly Gemini statement.