My Prototypes

Canon Strategic Pricing System
Built with Angular 7 and Angular-Material
Internal Canon CarePak® Management Dashboard
Built with DataTables and jQuery
Automatic Ink Replenishment Service
Built with Angular 6 and custom CSS.
Printer Driver Download Application
Built with jQuery. 
Site design and implementation.

Evolution Medical Communications
Angular 2 / Ionic 2 Application – 1
Proprietary application named KOL Connect.
Angular 2 / Ionic 2 Application – 2
Sign in app for conference sign in developed for iPad.
Conference Attendance Surveys
Html, Css, and jQuery Validate.

Codepen – This is where I create useful prototypes. View my most popular pens. I also use codepen for handy storage of reusable UI elements as well as creating prototypes of proprietary UI interactions to entice stakeholders. For Angular, I started using StackBlitz to prototype  interactive elements.

Job Finder Virtual Assistant (Screenshots) Built with Angular and Ionic as a side project for management. My team was responsible for maintaining  multiple job seeking websites. I created the global design teams’ style design system.

Aspect Software 
Department summit presentation on current design concepts.
Internal Project Management Product “Compass”

Agent Shift Bid Application
Custom application built for client Progressive Insurance
Agent Schedule Trading System   
Click “FIND OT” then add Overtime segments for interaction or view screenshot gallery
Agent Activity Management Dashboard 
Responsive dashboard
JetBlue Responsive Mobile App (static screenshots)
Jetblue Mobile Trades project which earned an $80k contract
(Responsive application built with Foundation, designed for small viewport)

Aircraft Lighting International
An experimental prototype for a potential client that wanted large imagery and video to feature their product.