Crypto News Daily – Feb 19, 2022

Last Updated on February 19, 2022

Federal Reserve Employees Will No Longer Hold Cryptocurrencies, Other Assets:

Global Uncertainty And BTC:’s CRO Rebrands to Cronos, Token Mechanics Unchanged:

Binance has launched a new staking initiative: To allow SHIB holders to stake and earn up to 104.62% APY. The staking duration started from 17 February and will go for 10 days. Interest will be paid daily. Stakers can stake between 200 and 7 million Shiba Inu tokens. The initiative is available for other cryptocurrencies like Solana, Axie Infinity, Polygon, and Cardano

What IS NEAR Protocol (Competitor To Ethereum)

Dubious Actions In Canada, Where Do We Go From Here?

Multichain Recovers Hacked Funds:

Coming Trends In DeFi:

A US Admin executive order is expected that will direct government agencies to study cryptocurrencies and a central bank digital currency and come up with a government-wide strategy to regulate digital assets. The administration has been engaged in efforts to regulate the sector. Looking to coordinate with other countries and standardizing rules for crypto.

Shorting The Market – A Story: