Crypto News Daily – Feb 23, 2022

Last Updated on February 23, 2022

Canada – Nunchuk Wallet Rebuffs Court:
Canada Shows World BTC Worth – FIat Is Used As Surveillance Tool:

“Canada is a cautionary tale for why money needs to be money, and not a tool for surveillance. What’s legal or illegal can change with a hand wave of emergency powers, and If you’re not 100% sure you’ll always be on the right side of those in power, you’d better buy some Bitcoin. Crypto allows unprecedented levels of financial control and direct trade between individuals, meaning as long as the coins are held in a private wallet they are secure and only accessible by the owner. The Canadian court does not fully understand how crypto wallets function so it issued an order that was bound to fail. Many governments are trying to exert control over crypto activity without understanding that the technology is inherently averse to concentrated control.”

Crypto Today A “Decentralized CoinMarketCap”:

Merchants Want Crypto Options:

Huobi Incubator Grant For Web3:

LUNA Raises 1B In BTC:

Coinbase has announced support for Ledger hardware wallets. Ledger wallet integration is now available through the Coinbase wallet browser extension. Hardware wallets like the Ledger store private keys offline to keep funds safe from hackers. They are used to physically confirm transactions. Coinbase and Ledger formed a partnership last year with a launch of a co-branded crypto debit card

Sling TV Now Accepts Crypto:

As Inflation Grows, Rising Rates Will Increase Demand FOr Crypto:

DEX Bitrue Will Add Cardano (ADA) As Base PAir:

Brazil – Crypto Regulation Bill Eminent:

India – Official Crypto Advertisement Guidelines:

Greyscale SEC Spotcoin ETF Application: