Crypto News Daily – Feb 24, 2022

Last Updated on February 24, 2022

BTC Down, Ruble Dives, As Russia Strikes Ukraine:

Vitalik Calls Russian Actions A Crime:

BNY Mellon is integrating Chainalysis to help with risk management:

In the End, The US Will Be Friendly To Crypto:
“Corporate treasuries diversifying into bitcoin have been a major source of optimism in the Bitcoin space over the last year or two, but Log Scale says they are only 2% of all investable wealth in the world. Signs are starting to shift toward the other $500 trillion looking at bitcoin, too.”

Solana boasted high development activity among blockchain projects on the software hosting powerhouse GitHub.  It recorded over 800 GitHub commits in 3 months. Solana is experiencing a healthy adoption with its blockchain, recording the highest and most consistent developer activity of any Layer-1 blockchain. Its ecosystem is also enjoying an increased on-chain activity as its unique users have increased by 20x in a year.

NFT News, Anon Cancels Sothebys Crypto Punk Auction:

IoT (Internet Of Things) Blockchain Payment Project Shut Down:

Chainalysis Tries To Decode Wasabi CoinJoin (Coin Mixing) Wallet Activity:

BTC Activity As Market Plunges:

Cardano Spikes:

Canada -Emergency Powers Revoked, But Skeptical Cat Is Out Of Bag: