Crypto News Daily – March 17, 2022

Last Updated on March 17, 2022

Web3, The Future For Chinese Internet:

Some Congress Members Deeply Concerned About Stifling Crypto:

Luno Accelerating Crypto And FinTech:

  • Custom Cardano wallet addresses now available for improved usability. ADA Handle is an NFT-powered naming service that creates human-readable wallets. It was launched earlier this week. Users can choose addresses of up to 15 characters.
  • Cardano’s total value locked (TVL) had recently surpassed the $200 million mark. With a TVL of 294.17 million (staking included), Cardano flipped Kusama, Polkadot’s canary network, which stood at $278.04 million

Exodus Wallet Startes Trading On SEC Registered Platform:

Two DeFi protocols Agave and Hundred Finance became victims of a twin hack that was conducted on March 15. In what appears to be a flash loan ‘reentrancy attack’, more than $11 million got siphoned off.  As per investigation, the hack happened on both protocols on the Gnosis chain where the attacker exploited a wETH contract function. This allowed the attacker to continue borrowing crypto before the apps could calculate the debt, which would prevent further borrowing.