Crypto News Daily – Aug 1, 2022

Last Updated on August 1, 2022

Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Eyes Fresh $100M Raise:

Muse to Release Next Album on Polygon-based NFT Platform Serenade:

Michael Jordan’s Solana Athlete App HEIR Drops First NFTs:

Ethereum Vs Bitcoin: Vitalik Buterin Calls Michael Saylor A ‘Total Clown’ – Here’s Why:
following the release of a YouTube video in which Saylor characterized all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin as missing good ethical foundations and a “biblical” basis.

Argentinean Soccer Club Uses Crypto To Sign Local Player:

Metaverse branding’s success depends on its underlying purpose:
“a quarter of the world’s population will be spending at least an hour in the metaverse every day for work, shopping, education, and entertainment by 2026”