I have completed an extended project to create and implement the desktop and responsive versions of this awesome e-commerce website. Based on a set of starting point PSD’s provided by third party design teams, I completed the desktop designs, as well as fully design the responsive mobile versions of the entire site. I lead the functional demonstrations with top level stakeholders, ensuring the project proceeds quickly and all parties are satisfied with the progress.

Update: Site has been released – view now!

For the prototyping phase of this project I used Sketch, the Adobe Suite, Invision-App, HTML and CSS/SASS.

During this time, the dev team transformed and is now lead by the incredibly talented Daniel Chavez. Daniel has upgraded the development process to be streamlined, modernized and really fun place to work!

The system is built with a mixture of Laravel and React. We use Git with BitBucket for version control and JIRA for issue tracking.

Peter Dillon

Development teams seek me out for visual design, reskinning, information hierarchy, usability, iconography, improving task flow, improving the front end build process and more. I specialize in creating engaging solutions to solve real world problems while designing beautiful applications that make the lives of users easier.