Canon USA: Melville NY

Signing on for a second year as the Senior Product Designer and Developer on the team to build a brand new internal product named Canon Pricing Strategy System (view gallery.) 

This software enables the salespeople to create, submit, and manage Canon’s high-unit printer sales contracts. The product is critical to streamlining efficiency of $600 million in Canon’s overall yearly profits and will immediately save $50 million this year by automating a previously manual process. It has received the attention and approval of the highest level stakeholders and managers.

Designed to match business needs perfectly, this product not only provides maximum efficiency for the internal Pricing Team, but also moved the contract negotiation process away from Excel spreadsheets to a beautiful and fast web application.

We used Angular 7, Angular Material Design and AG-Grid. I designed and implemented all of the unique proprietary UI customizations including modifying core Material Design elements.

In my prior time at Canon, I have been on a few different teams building internal administration applications as well as contributing to their highly visible external e-commerce solution. See examples below:

Canon Project Prototypes

Canon Strategic Pricing System: Angular, Angular Material, AG-Grid
Internal Canon CarePak® Management Dashboard: DataTables, jQuery
Automatic Ink Replenishment Service: Angular 6
Printer Driver Download Application: jQuery

Peter Dillon

Development teams seek me out for visual design, reskinning, information hierarchy, usability, iconography, improving task flow, improving the front end build process and more. I specialize in creating engaging solutions to solve real world problems while designing beautiful applications that make the lives of users easier.