Crypto News Daily – Feb 17, 2022

Last Updated on February 17, 2022

El Salvador News – New Bill To Address Threat And More:

Venture Cap Launches $250M: For Web3 Startups:

NYSE Files For NFT, Metaverse & Crypto Licenses:

Chainlink (LINK) announced the release of Chainlink Verifiable Random Function, or VRF, v2 on its mainnet on Wednesday. The new, improved version of the random number generator is expected to reduce transaction fees by 60% compared to v1. Ever since launch, Chainlink VRF (v1) has become the most widely adopted random number generator solution in the blockchain industry.

New Cold Wallet:

Billionaire Claims Fiat Goin To Zero – But Hates Crypto:

ADALend CEO “Canada Highlights Importance OF DeFI”:

Fluence Labs Believes Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Is Next Cloud Computing:

Belarus To Create Wallet Registry:

A group of 18 crypto companies have come together to launch TRUST, the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology. The new solution is aimed at helping companies comply with the Financial Action Task Force’s anti-money laundering Travel Rule. The leading crypto exchanges who are in TRUST as members include Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, and Bittrex. They exist with others like custody companies used by institutional investors such as Anchorage, Avanti, and Zodia Custody. 

Active Crypto Traders In US Congress:

Crypto Whale Criminals:

Scammers On Telegram:

DEX gets Spot Trading License In Bermuda: