Crypto News Daily – Feb 18, 2022

Last Updated on February 18, 2022

US Stablecoins:

Another Large US Investment Firm Creates New Digital Fund:

Bitcoin Chain Cycle Indicators Analysis:

Bitcoin Hashrate (Which Increases Hack Difficulty) Has Dramatic Increase:

Is Crypto Is The Best Place To Store Wealth During Fed Rate Hike?

FlourishingAI UpLink Offers Streamlined, Much Needed On-Ramp For DeFi: Wallets
For users in the United States and around the world, getting into the market is quite difficult. You have to bounce from protocol to protocol as you move fiat and cryptocurrencies around. That’s not all, the demanding task of setting up multiple decentralized and centralized wallets for each protocol is a challenge for most users.

MultiChain Capital – Allows you to buy its $MCC token on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, farm your investment on multiple blockchains, and return the profits to you.

Circle, Issuer Of USDC Stablecoin Merges With Concord Acquisition Corp:

Crypto Tax Awareness:

JP Morgan Unveils Research On Quantum Computing Resistant Blockchain Network:

Unregulated Crypto Investments May Affect Global Financial Stability:

A Bitcoin Explainer:
“…it is not your fault that you do not understand bitcoin or the inner workings and complexities of the financial system. We were not taught about this in school and it requires many hours of protracted effort in your spare time in order to begin to understand how markets work and how money works.”

MasterCard Adds Crypto Consulting:

Algorand is an emerging platform for building DeFi applications, similar, and in competition with Ethereum. Despite its low latency, high scalability, and low cost of transactions, they have struggled with attracting liquidity. The Algorand Foundation, a non-profit tasked with supporting the network’s development has awarded Applied Blockchain a grant to bridge Algorand with Etherum. The project is named London Bridge.

Ethereum Faces More and More Competition: